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Some scholarships are designated for graduates of specific schools, while others are generally available. See below for school categories or check out those scholarships available to all Tennessee graduates.

Scholarships by School

Happy Valley High School

Scholarships for Happy Valley High School graduates

Charlie Bayless Scholarship- Please see your counselor regarding more information and instruction on this scholarship.

Happy Valley Alumni Scholarship- Please see your counselor regarding more information and instruction about this scholarship.

Louie Greene Scholarship- This scholarship is a $1,000 award for two students for Northeast State Community College and TCAT. Please see your counselor for more information regarding this scholarship.

Cloudland High School

Scholarships for Cloudland High School graduates

Carmelita Fields Johnson Memorial Scholarship-Established in 2014 to memorialize the life of Carmelita Fields Johnson to benefit graduating seniors of Cloudland High School.

Application packet must include: copy of high school transcript, completed application, two letters of recommendation, copy of your parent/guardian and applicant tax return, a close up picture of yourself.

If you have any questions about the scholarship please contact any of the scholarship committee members at 828-737-7624.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please contact your counselor for further instruction.

The Cindy Birchfield Memorial Scholarship- Given by Cloudland High School Relay for Life and Friends.

This scholarship may be used for tuition and fees, books, supplies, or room and board.

Applicants must complete the application and respond to written response questions.

Personal Statement: At least 500 words but no more than 500 words.

Why would you like to receive this scholarship and how will it help you?

Who do you consider your hero and why?

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please contact your counselor for further instruction.

Glen Tester Memorial Scholarship- No application is required, please see your counselor for more information.

Joseph Floyd Storie Memorial Scholarship- No application required, please see your guidance counselor for further information.

Operation Pocket Change Mountain Electric Cooperative Scholarship- Applications must be made on the official Operation Pocket Change Scholarship form.

It must include two letters of recommendation, a certified transcript of high school grades, ACT or SAT scores, class ranking, a copy of your completed FAFSA Student Aid Report, a copy of parent/guardian’s tax return and a close up picture of applicant.

Applications to a community college or technical school do NOT require ACT/SAT scores.

If you would like to apply, please contact your guidance counselor with further instruction.

Support a Student Scholarship – Sponsored by the Roan Mountain Citizens Club

Applicant must furnish a copy of their high school transcript, ACT or SAT scores, and class academic rank through senior year first semester.

Applicant must enclose a letter to: The Scholarship Committee to inform the committee of need, desires, plans, your career goal, and your motivation to reach your career goal.

Applicant will meet with the committee for a brief interview.

Applicant must enclose letters of support from one teacher and two other persons who attest to your desire and motivation.

Applicant must include a copy of their parent/guardian’s and student’s tax returns. Applicant must include attendance record for 9th-12th grade.

If a GPA of 2.0 is maintained for the freshman year, funding will be continued the following year.

If a GPA of 2.5 or above will require further funding.

Recipients of the scholarship are required to complete volunteer hours at the Annual Rhododendron Festival in June.

A copy of your GPA must be sent to the Roan Mountain Citizens Club, twice each year, for year-to-year funding to continue.

Any misconduct on the grounds will lead to your ineligibility for further funding.

Please contact your counselor for further information and instruction on applying for this scholarship.

Unaka High School

Scholarships for Unaka High School graduates

The Jerry Shankle Memorial Foundation Scholarship- This scholarship is given by Beth Shankle, Jerry Shankle’s daughter, in memory of him.

It is presented to a student-athlete who shows community involvement, character, and academic achievement. You must include your school and community involvement in the application, awards, and college plans, as well as an essay between 250-500 words.

This scholarship award amount varies from year to year.

Please see your counselor for further details on how to apply for this scholarship.

Elizabethton High School

Scholarships for Elizabethton High School graduates

View Carter County and Tennessee Scholarships or check back soon as we add more information!

Hampton High School

Scholarships for Hampton High School graduates

View Carter County and Tennessee Scholarships or check back soon as we add more information!

All Carter County Schools

Scholarships for any Carter County graduate

Butterfly Fund Memorial Scholarship- Established in 2016 to assist students pursuing a career in any of a broad variety of fields within pediatric oncology. Learn More

Dr. E.E. Perry Memorial Scholarship- Established in 2014 to provide scholarship assistance to exceptional students from Carter County who intend to pursue math, science, engineering, or medical fields of study.

If you are interested in this scholarship, please contact your counselor for further instruction and information.

Farm Bureau Scholarship- This is a scholarship that is awarded to one student from each Agriculture program. The application requirements are: transcript must accompany application, must be involved in the Agriculture Program, Scholarship will be paid to college, Vocational or Trade School. This is a $500 award.

Please see your counselor to learn more about this scholarship and how to apply.

James K. Goldston INFOSEC Scholarship- Established in 2006 by the family of James K. Goldston to provide assistance to students from Tennessee to pursue undergraduate programs of study in computer engineering, computer science, cyber science, information security.

Please contact your counselor if you are interested in applying for this scholarship.

Josey Baker Memorial Scholarship- Established in memory of Josey Baker to assist students in the Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia areas.

College/Enrollment Requirement: Full-time enrollment in an accredited, public or private, not-for-profit college, university, community college, or non-traditional higher education program or trade school (accredited by the appropriate accrediting body for the particular course of study). Preference given to students seeking post-secondary education in Tennessee or Virginia.

Please see your counselor regarding more information and how to apply for this scholarship.

Junior League of Johnson City Academic Scholarship- The application for the Junior League of Johnson City Academic Scholarship includes: a listing of community volunteer hours and any extracurricular activities participated in (jobs, clubs, athletics), and a personal statement describing yourself and your education goals. This response is limited to 500 words. A letter of recommendation from a school official, administrator, or teacher is required as well. Granted annually to one female high school senior. Learn more. 

Niswonger Foundation Scholarship- This scholarship requires a nomination packet, to find the resources needed for this packet please click the link below.

If you are wishing to receive your school’s nomination, please contact your school counselor for further instruction and information. Learn more. 

Roan Scholars Leadership Program- The Roan Scholars Leadership Program is a premier scholarship program at East Tennessee State University for students from across our region who have demonstrated the potential and the desire to become exceptional leaders. For more information regarding the Roan Scholars Leadership Program, please visit the website below. Learn more. 

Valkyrie-Thor Scholarship in Theatre Arts Fund- Established in 2016 to recognize and assist students studying acting, costume design, lighting design, scenic design, directing, stage craft, theatre history, dramatic literature, or theatre studies for teacher licensure.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please contact your counselor for further information.

William Armstrong Scholarship- Each year, Northeast Community Credit Union gives $500 scholarships to one senior at Elizabethton, Happy Valley, Unaka, Hampton and Cloudland High Schools. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win $500 to assist with your educational future. Learn more. 

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