What is Carter County 101?

Learn what it means to be a Carter County local!

This workshop is for new residents who’ve moved to Carter County and want to learn how to live like a local. We will cover the unique history of our community as well as the ins and outs of daily living and tips and tricks for all 4 seasons of Carter County. This is a great opportunity to meet local leaders, get connected with local resources and meet new residents. Our program is a 2 day class, dinner included, and we will be traveling around our community to view attractions, learn about daily life and see favorite local hot spots.

2021 Session Dates

When registering you will be asked to select one A session and one B session. You may select any combination of dates as long as one is an A and one is a B. The course material is not sequential.

A Sessions – July 27 & August 3 – 5:30PM
B Sessions – July 29 & August 5 – 5:30PM