Welcome to Downtown Elizabethton


Picture yourself strolling slowly through the streets of downtown. A cool breeze floats in, slowly rocking the hanging store signs and whirling down the shady walkways. Rays of sun glisten on the one-way streets and dancing spectrums of light play on store windows. You dip in and out of antique stores brimming with treasures from the past and boutiques with unique items only found in the mountains of Tennessee. Rumbles of hunger sound from your empty stomach. You take a seat in a homey diner and are served flaky fried chicken and side fixin's like grandma used to make. After lunch, you take a seat in the historic Bonnie and Kate Theater and munch on chocolate goodies from the snack bar. Your day in downtown continues with a walk along the trickling Doe River. The kids shed their shoes and wade happily in the cool, shallow waters.

Take a trip to Downtown Elizabethton and experience the sights and sounds of life in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Not many places have a downtown like the one found in Carter County. This pedestrian-friendly district has minimal traffic, which makes crossing the street a breeze. For a front row parking spot, pull into one of the many parallel spaces. For those of you that are parallel-parking challenged, public parking areas are conveniently located on adjacent roadways. The old-style architecture of downtown is magnificent. Take notice of the towering brick buildings, antique store signs and old Victorian homes gracing the area.

The Cruise-In antique car show, held every Saturday at 5 p.m. from April through October, is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike along the streets of downtown. Be sure to check our website for other upcoming events and celebrations held in downtown, such as the Covered Bridge Celebration, 4th of July Celebration, Octoberfest, Trick or Treating, Christmas Parade and more.