The Carter County Leadership Tomorrow program was introduced to Carter County in 1997 as part of the “Governor's Three Star Program”. It continues today as a way to encourage and network local future leaders. The class is designed to inform the class of area history, infrastructure, and government.

The program is supported by the Carter County Chamber of Commerce and is coordinated and taught by local volunteers and alumni.Funding for the program is provided by local businesses and private donations.

A class of 12 to 15 potential candidates are presented to the Alumni Committee to be accepted into the program. Classes are usually one day per month and last from August through May of the following year.

Each class is required to complete a community project of their choosing either as a group or individually which they present at the annual Alumni meeting. There are currently more than 200 alumni of the Carter County Leadership program.


Annual Events

  August: Orientation
  September: Doe River Gorge Team Building
  October: Heritage Day (Roan Mountain State Park)
  November: Regional Day
  December: Business and Industry Day
  January: Healthcare Day
  February: City Government Day
  March: State Government Day (Nashville)
  April: Education Day